Our Team

Carpets Plus Outlet Staff Carpets Plus Outlet Staff

Neil: Owner – Currently enjoying blissful retirement with his lovely wife, Penny. He hasn’t abandoned us entirely just yet. If you stop in, you might just catch him sweeping the floor. Not only was it his favorite task, it’s what he was best at.

Penny: Owner – Looking forward to traveling and being able to spend more time with her grandchildren and family out of state. Loves to garden, shop, bake and read. Unfortunately, after retiring, keeping Neil out of trouble has become a full-time job.


Matt Owner
Recently traded in his ice skates from hockey for some bowling shoes and joined a team with his wife. He is thoughtful and generous-- the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. He won’t mind at all because his favorite pastime is lounging around the house in his underpants.

Victor Estimator / Sales Team
Crazy sock enthusiast. He’s hit his head on a few carpet rolls throughout his time here, so he has to sing a song to recite the alphabet. It’s cute. Ask him to do it when you come in.


 Heather Designer / Sales Team
Enjoys spending time with her children, scrapbooking, baking and reading a good book. Loves the roar of a big engine and attends all monster truck rallies within a 100 mile radius.


Nancy Designer / Sales Team
Reading, shopping, zip-lining, vacationing, and arm-wrestling are her favorite pastimes. Especially arm-wrestling. Successfully beating Duane “The Rock” Johnson in a competition is at the top of her bucket list.

Chrissie Designer / Sales Team
Enjoys spending time and going on adventures with her children. Artsy/crafty type of gal. She is a volleyball enthusiast and oversealous gym rat. Also voted "Most Likely To Trip."

Pat Designer / Sales Team
A devoted family man who doesn’t mind being called grandpa. Smart, funny, friendly, and a fashionista. If you want to know if those shoes go with that blouse, Pat’s the guy to ask!

Jeff Warehouse Manager 
An avid rugby player and body builder who is anxiously awaiting that call from the Avengers. We believe his time to shine will be coming soon!

Tina –  Office Manager
I LOVE unicorns, all kinds of music and sweet, sugary treats. Everyone I work with here is super nice…and not just because I write their paychecks. Favorite quote: “Enjoy Every Sandwich.” ~ Warren Zevon

Josh - Carpets Plus OutletJosh - Carpets Plus Outlet

Josh – Always singing and joking around. His favorite artists include Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boys.

Arizona - Carpets Plus OutletArizona - Carpets Plus Outlet

Arizona – The sweetest girl you will ever encounter. Just don’t ask her to dance battle, she will dance circles around you.